• What about the fireproofing grade of he homogeneous vinyl ?

    What about the fireproofing grade of he homogeneous vinyl ?

    In my country, the flammability of flooring material is divided into the following grades, A grade: non-ignitable flooring, B1: difficult to ignite  flooring, B2: ignitable flooring, B3 Grade: It is easy to ignite the flooring , through these conditions to judge the anti-ignition level of the flo...
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  • Antibacterial properties of homogeneous vinyl floor

    Antibacterial properties of homogeneous vinyl floor

    Homogeneous vinyl floor is widely used in medical institutions because of its antibacterial properties In hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other places, antibacterial performance is the most important indicator. Especially in hospitals, the bacteria environment is complex, and the requireme...
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  • Five criteria for purchasing homogeneous vinyl flooring

    Five criteria for purchasing homogeneous vinyl flooring

    In today’s decoration, more and more people recognize and like homogeneous vinyl flooring, not only because of the overall beauty after paving, but also other things such as environmental protection, cost-effectiveness, and convenient construction. So, what kind of floor is PVC plastic flo...
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  • How to solve the scratch problem of PVC plastic floor?

    PVC plastic floor is a new type of light-weight floor decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as “light-weight floor material”. It has been universally recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China and is widely used.   PVC plastic floor ha...
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  • Precautions for keeping the gloss of PVC plastic floor

    PVC plastic floor flooring is widely used in commercial and residential places, which enhances the scene level and spatial texture. However, if you want to keep the elastic floor bright and beautiful for a long time, you must do these things in the process of use. Keep it clean Do not use cleanin...
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  • Which PVC floor has the best abrasion resistance?

    Regarding the wear resistance of PVC flooring, it has always been one of the main issues that customers pay attention to. The wear resistance of PVC flooring is directly related to itself. PVC flooring is generally divided into three types: compact bottom, foam bottom and homogeneous and transpar...
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  • PVC floor color matching skills for nursing homes

    The elderly are a disadvantaged group in society, and the decoration of their residences must be adapted to the physical and psychological characteristics of the elderly to create a comfortable, elegant, simple and convenient living environment with outstanding individuality. The floor suitable f...
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  • Common problems of PVC floor installing!

    PVC flooring has become a popular new building material in the market. However, improper construction during the laying process will have a great impact on the overall effect. The following are several common problems that will help to extend the effectiveness of your PVC flooring. Service life. ...
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  • PVC flooring technical Standard-European Standard

    The European standard for PVC flooring is abbreviated as EN. It was originally a testing standard signed by the 15 countries of the European Economic Community. This testing standard is divided into many contents. Among them, the TPMF grade of homogeneous products that we often say comes from thi...
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  • The three main points to distinguish the quality of homogeneous PVC flooring

    Why have difference on quality and price for homogeneous vinyl floor? 1.Weight PVC flooring is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride material, there will be a small amount of stone powder (calcium carbonate) material; the content of stone powder will affect the weight of the PVC floor, but it will ...
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  • How to remove the glue on the PVC plastic floor?

    How to remove the glue on the floor that has not cured before?  Rag:It is better to clean up before the glue is dry and solidified. At this time, the glue is liquid. It is basically cleaned up after using it or wiped with a cloth, and then wipe the remaining glue. Alcohol: The glue on the floor ...
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  • Installation process of anti-static PVC floor

    1. Clean the ground and find the center line: First, clean the ground slag, and then find the center of the room with a measuring tool, draw the center cross line, and ask the cross line to be equally divided vertically. 2. Laying ...
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