About Company

The company takes the lead in science and technology and makes intelligent innovation

“Giqiu” floor belongs to the brand of Linsu environmental protection material Co.,Ltd.

Linsu company is a leading manufacturer of commercial grade resilient vinyl floor covering in China.


The vast range of products include homogeneous vinyl flooring,heterogeneous vinyl flooring,anti static vinyl flooring,sports vinyl flooring,woven vinyl floor covering,rubber vinyl flooring etc,

We provide one-stop project solutions,offering differentiated products to meet specific customer needs,we can also supply some matching  accessories such as skirting cove former,flooring adhesive,welding rod ,plastic flooring profile etc

All products are manufactured to meet the high Europe standards at competitive price.

Linsu company currently has marketing network involving distribution in over 60 countries and regions.And we enjoy a high reputation in East Europe,Middle East,Central Asia,etc.

We demonstrate  our  professional  in  OEM/ODM  production  in the past 10 years.


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